Capital City Pipes & Drums offers piping and drumming lessons to anyone who is interested. We are open to all who wish to learn and are willing to apply themselves. Our primary expectation for our students is to commit regular attendance, frequent practice, and steady advancement. 

Lessons in bagpipes, drums, and highland dance are conducted through the John Underwood School of Piping. Sessions are held in the Fall and Spring, for 10 Tuesday group lessons for about one hour. The Band has practices and events for all levels. Private lessons can be arranged with experienced pipers. 

To Enroll in our Group Lessons for Spring 2024, (Beginning pipers and drummers start on January 16, 2024).


Bagpipe Lessons

We want everyone who has had the willingness to learn to play the pipes to be able to do so. Through a generous endowment of one of our legacy pipers, we offer scholarships to beginners willing to learn piping and highland drumming with the expectation that they will join and play with our full band.

To get started, students must purchase a practice chanter and lesson book. The practice chanter is played similarly to a recorder and serves for learning the fingering and embellishments. After two 10-week sessions, the goal for beginners will be to play with the full band (on Great Highland Bagpipe and Snare/Tenor Drum). 

Estimated cost for beginner kits is between $120 and $150, depending upon student preferences.