Capital City Pipes & Drums will teach piping and drumming to anyone who is interested. We are open to all who wish to learn and are willing to apply themselves. Our primary expectation for our students is to commit regular attendance, frequent practice, and steady advancement. 

Lessons in bagpipes, drums, and highland dance are at the John Underwood School of Piping. Lessons are normally once per week and have a duration of one hour. The Band has practices and events for all levels. Please note that there are no set class start dates for these lessons. Our band also offers private lessons to each student in order to meet individual needs rather than trying to group each student into a class. The best way to get started is to buy the recommended gear (see below) and start attending the lessons!

Bagpipe Lessons

We want everyone who has had the willingness to learn to play the pipes to be able to do so. So, we offer FREE piping lessons to anyone willing to learn and join our organization.

To get started, students must purchase a practice chanter and lesson book. The practice chanter is played similarly to a recorder and serves for learning the fingering and embellishments. After about nine months, most students are ready to begin work on the bagpipe. 

Estimated cost for Practice chanter and instruction book is about $135.00.


Drum Lessons

Drumming in a pipe band is a fun and exciting experience. A full pipe band drum corps includes a bass drum and tenor, and snare drums. The highland style of snare drumming uses the traditional grip. The drumming is rudimental and reminiscent of military style drumming. 

We have drum instructors in our band who will work with drummers to teach drum scores, improve precision, and teach the basics to beginners. 

Snare drumming students need a practice pad and a pair of pipe band snare drumsticks. We use the Jim Kilpatick KP2 stick, color Red 

For Drumming: lessons are free!!!